Help Chinese Corporation Go Global 
by e-Learning!!

汇思拥有最国际化的e-learning咨询团队,绝对竞争优势的 e-learning 内容技术及设计

Our Vision is to help company to go Global by our most international e-Learning consulting team
definite advantages on e-Learning Content Design and Technology

All the above are backed up by Cyberwisdom 300 colleagues- Asia
largest e-Learning team.

Cyberwisdom provide a plethora of innovative and effective e-Learning solutions which, among others, 

include multimedia and web enabled training solutions that manage formal, informal, offline and online 
learning. Moreover, we thoroughly understand that e-Learning is not just about publishing courseware 
online; it is more about presenting educational and training content in an innovative, appealing and 
easier to grasp format. Cyberwisdom is the leading eLearning Content Provider in Asia, contact us
for more information.

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